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By using its experience in working with corporations, GSC aims to empower the global startup ecosystem by connecting local startup communities around the world.

To achieve this goal, GSC is providing a range of innovation-related services including: ​​

  • Establishing a global network of local Startup Challenge events

  • Scouting services for corporations 

  • Private Startup Challenge events for corporations


GSC is operating in a partnership model, where it is looking for local key players in different regions around the globe to lead the way and developing the global startup ecosystem.

International GSC Grand Final

Cross Vertical Final

Semi Finals

Startup Application 

4-6 Verticals Selection



GSC was established by entrepreneurs and corporate experts with years of experience in the Israeli startup and innovation ecosystem.

During its 6 years of operating in the Israeli and global startup ecosystems, GSC established a broad database of key players to support the international startup ecosystems.







General Manager

Mr. Yonatan Meir

Co-Founder & Board Member  

Mr. Dan Balter

Co-Founder & Board Member  

Ms. Elena Donets

Co-Founder & Chairman 

Mr. Henry Weinstein

Business Development Ambassador

Mr. Gabriel Hayon

Business Development Ambassador

Ms. Lirone Glikman

Production Manager


Ms. Or Meiri

TLV Startup Challenge Manager

Mr. Almog Saban
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